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Jenny Hockey Poetry



Poets, artists and teachers who are inspiring me 


Cora Greenhill (poet)

Peter and Ann Sansom (poets)

Allison James (textile artist) and Adrian James (photographer)

Alison Tyldesley (contemporary fine artist)

Rebecca Allen (yoga teacher)

My reviews of other poets' collections 

Penelope Shuttle, 'Four Portions of Everything on the Menu for M'sieur Monet':


Deryn Rees-Jones, 'What It's Like To Be Alive':


Noel Duffy, 'Summer Rain':


Marilyn Longstaff, 'Articles of War':


Yvonne Reddick, 'Translating Mountains':


Polly Atkin, 'Basic Nest Architecture':


Trevor Hughes, 'Belongings':


Noel Williams, 'Point me at the stars':

Ruth Fainlight, 'Somewhere else entirely':

Trisha Broomfield, 'Husbands for Breakfast':

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