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Jenny Hockey Poetry



My debut collection, Going to Bed with the Moon, is now available from Oversteps Books. Copies can also be obtained by sending me a message via the contact form on this site.

My poems have also appeared in - or been accepted by print magazines such as Magma, The North, Obsessed with Pipework, Grey Sparrow, Orbis, Iota, Southlight, Neon Highway, Obsessed with Pipework, Pennine Platform, Poetry Salzburg, South, Spelt, The New Writer, The Journal, The Seventh Quarry, The Frogmore Papers, Fenland Poetry Journal, Dreamcatcher, Route 57, Popshots, Artemis, The Cannon's Mouth and The Interpreters House. And online in:


Antiphon - 'Child you half know', 'In the offshot kitchen that was', 'Felling'



The Interpreter's House - 'People who go out in the rain without coats'


Ink, Sweat and Tears - 'Holiday Cottage', 'Snowfall', 'Damp after Christmas'






'Instrumental', 'Cambridge, June 1969', 'Mr Randal's Sketchbook', 'The Weight of Oneself' (

'Cycle Ride North', 'Gunnerside Ghyll', 'Front Garden', 'Ashbank'


'Summoning Birds', 'The summer you didn't go to France', 'After the diagnosis', 'Unasked Question No. 5', 'Family Break'



Now Then

( (


One Hand Clapping - 'Blessed'



Streetcake - 'In the aftermath of lunch'


'City Break' (

The Bow-Wow Shop


Grey Sparrow - 'Happened to be passing'



The Lake -

'Contraction', 'Just after 7am'


'In a Cambridge University lab'




'I remember a house I left behind'


Toasted Cheese -

'Change of Heart', 'Shows you the colours', 'September', 'Thursday morning'


'Eltisley Avenue', 'He was a good person'


'Weaned', 'Lost for Words''




The High Window -

'Eggs', 'Small Talk' , 'The Girls' Junior Orchestra', 'When Visited by Widowhood' ( November, 2022

'Exile', 'Cafe du Monde', 'Don't Drive to Work', 'Feral'

( December, 2021

Poetry Wivenhoe - 'January 6th' (Day 64 of New Poems),'Summoning Birds' (Day 20), 'It had a history' (Day 15)


Words and Whispers

'As we stop-start'



No Holds Barred, The Raving Beauties (The Women's Press, 1985)

The Sheffield Anthology. Poems from the City Imagined, A.Lehoczky, A.Piette, A.Sansom & P.Sansom (Smith/Doorstop Books, 2012)

Journey to Crone, S.Philip (Chuffed Buff Books Ltd, 2013)

Love, Hexameter (Susan Wallace, Richard Tedstone, Celia McCulloch, Phiolp Dun, Jenny Hockey) Copies can also be obtained by sending me a message via the contact form on this site.


'A Death Recalled', in Narratives of Parental Death, Dying and Bereavement. A Kind of Haunting, (eds) C.Pearce and C. Komaromy, Palgrave, 2021 (


Family Life, Trauma and Loss in the Twentieth Century. The Legacy of War, C.Komaromy and J.Hockey (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)


Selected Academic

Experiences of Death. An anthropological account, Edinburgh University Press, 1990.

Growing Up and Growing Old. Ageing and Dependency in the Life Course, Sage, 1993 (with Allison James)

Ideal Homes. Social Change and Domestic Life, Routledge 1999 (co-edited with Tony Chapman)

Death, Memory and Material Culture, Berg, 2001 (with Elizabeth Hallam)

The Matter of Death. Space, Place and Materiality, Palgrave Macmillan 2010 (with Carol Komaromy and Kate Woodthorpe)

For further information about my academic writing:


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