© I am grateful to Alan Hockey, my brother-in-law, for the photographs that provide the backgrounds for this site.

Going to Bed with the Moon


Startled by a moon-scuffed sky,

I lean my head to the window —

caught on a shredding of cloud,

its wounded twist and drift —


stand like the badger

stitched on my Japanese silk,

snout raised to the stars,

belly floodlit


until the moon desists

from taunting our trees,

unleaved, sky high.


Moon — wan as an egg,

shadows my heels up the stairs,

climbs the folds of my sheets

Jenny Hockey Poetry

Alongside John Birtwhistle, I will be reading from my debut collection, Going to Bed with the Moon at 

Writers in the Bath, the Bath Hotel, Victoria Street, Sheffield on 8 Oct at 7.30 pm.  


Copies will be available at the readings and can also be obtained by sending me a message via the contact form on this site.